About Us

industrial piping system
Heartland Repair & Coatings is committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. Our goal is to be the industry leader in using cold spray in additive manufacturing for repair and coatings prior or post manufacturing.

our vision

Our vision is to be a leading partner in all of your application repair and wear prevention needs. We want your assets to work harder and last longer than ever before. With decades of experience, our cold spray technicians are the finest in the world. We provide fast, high-quality repair because of our unique combination of expertise and mobility.

our mission

At HRC, we set out to provide high-quality repairs for pressure vessels, prefabricated piping, and structural fabrication. Our ASME-certified technicians can repair and recertify your pressure vessel systems. In many cases, you can’t bring pipes in for repair. Fast repair in situ is exactly what we set out to provide with our mobile cold spray system. 

our history

With decades of experience under his belt, our founder recognized the potential for high-quality mobile repair in the oil & gas industry. We spent years on the development of an enhanced cold spray solution for mobile repair. At Heartland, we know what you need to keep your assets in great shape despite the tedious demands of industrial use. Quality is always top of mind, so we deliver enhanced repairs and coatings that last. Our talented ASME-certified professionals and quality control specialists ensure that we complete each job to the highest industry standards.